Rabbit Hash Mash


How we got started

Papa always made some good mash. It worked well and got you smashed up. Then one day after a storm, when we thought we lost the still to the storms, we found it and the kettle, still warm and so we drank it. It was great; the mash had a nice flavor and knocked our socks off in no time. We spend 2-3 days finishing off the kettle, and started a new batch. We cleaned the mash, and found what we thought was blackened corn, in little ball shapes. We found a pile of these next to the corn and barley bags, and all over the shed, knowing that Papal was sloppy, we collected them and added them to the mash mix. The flavor was great. These little balls made all the difference. We were not sure if it was because they were wet and warm when we used them, or if it was the fibers that were showing in the little black balls. Either way it was the key. Lil' John came up with the idea to add them to the glasses and call them flavor crystals serve the mash with some of these to add more flavor to the mash. It was a hit, all of our family and friends enjoyed the mash.

One day, as we were heading out to the kettle, we noticed that our favor crystals all over the trail, and Papal never used our trail. We looked around and saw all the rabbits eating the pellets and just didn't understand what was going on. Then we noticed they were making the pellets also. We then thought about what we saw and realized that our MASH was pooh-shine. Three weeks later, on a TV show they were making fun of some lady named Ophra , that she drank pooh coffee, and it cost several hundred dollars a cup. We looked at each other and said 'Dang' if she can pay and drink pooh stuff, then why can't we, and we will not charge nearly the same, and grandpa always said Alcohol will kill anything, so all started drinking again. We never figured that a rabbit would be good for anything else other than stew and target practice.

Every jar of Rabbit Hash Mash includes the flavor crystals at the bottom; we figured if the Mexicans can put bait in their alcohol and sell a lot of them, we are going to give it a try.